LongRun Capital was created to serve the needs of our clients based on the following principles.


Trust:  Clients rely on our capabilities and strength of character.  We work diligently to create clear expectations, educate clients on our investment strategies and communicate our results, good or bad.


Independence and Objectivity:  We are not subject to the control or influence of anyone but our clients.  We operate on the facts, without the distortions of hidden incentives or institutional bias.


Intelligence:  Intelligent investing is a systematic approach combining rigorous research and proven strategies with a careful assessment of client needs and risk tolerance.  Intelligent investing brings institutional quality results to individual investors.


Integrity:  By regulation, we have a fiduciary duty to put our clients first.  Client fees are 100% of our revenue and we will never recommend any action or investment strategy that might conflict with a client’s best interests.


Discipline:  Our investment strategies are systematic, disciplined and sometimes contrarian.  One of our duties to clients is to help them achieve their objectives by exercising restraint over potentially harmful emotions, impulses and distractions.


Client-focus:  We are dedicated to forging relationships that meet the needs and achieve the objectives of our clients with a long-term approach built upon enduring values.